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Cakes & Sugarcraft Magazine September/October 2021
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This September/October 2021 publication is the 165th issue of Cakes & Sugarcraft, an inspirational and informative magazine for anyone who enjoys making and decorating cakes.

We’re on the cusp of autumn in the UK, and are bringing you the best of the season. Vicky Teather’s back and with another neon drip cake. This time, celebrating Halloween with super bright colours and sweet modelled decorations.

Pertaining to another popular autumnal holiday (in the UK at least), try your hand at the amazing Bonfire Night cake with vibrant isomalt flames and a creamy chocolate ganache. Savour a slice and enjoy this cake by the fire – you won’t be able to resist!

Or why not celebrate the start of autumn with Pamela McCaffrey’s gorgeous showstopper, showing off seasonal conkers, fir cones and rose hips paired dreamily with an elegant yellow bloom?

A few tutorials in this issue contain chocolate. Chocolate work doesn’t have to be a lot of effort; we’ve found it can actually be a fun and easy medium to work with. Have a go at these tutorials and see for yourself! Pamela has also prepared a colourful garden cake using flavoured Cocoform for the modelled decorations. For something smaller, experiment with some handmade chocolate hearts using pretty COCOL colours. Whether they’re for yourself or as a gift, they’ll go down a treat.

If you’re looking for a new approach to the classic chocolate and orange combo, consider baking some delicious macarons. With fresh orange and lemon zest, and dipped in a milk and dark chocolate glaze, Viktorija Siskova’s recipe makes the perfect after dinner treat for both little ones and adults.

Some other smaller bite-sized treats in this issue are cookies and cakesicles. Artist Anne Yorks’ platter of rainbow royal iced birthday cookies will make your celebrations even sweeter. And Emily Hankins’ hand-painted cakesicles should also be on your list of things to try. You can even swap out the painted blackberries for more butterflies or blossoms to enjoy them all year round.

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